D. K. Broadwell

Ruthless Sky

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Welcome to Space.

It's trying to kill you, don't you know?

The astronauts aboard the space shuttle Intrepid know this only too well.

RUTHLESS SKY is their story.

Do you like:

  • the sci-fi realism of THE MARTIAN?

  • the cold war intrigue of a Clancy thriller?

  • an inside scoop on NASA internal politics?

  • a dash of spicy space romance?

What would you do if you only had two weeks to live? Fall in love?

Read the first chapter on the Book Sample tab and step into a world where the Challenger disaster did not occur, and NASA continued to plan ever more formidable and risky space shuttle missions. Until the worst happened...

For more info and reviews, check out the RUTHLESS SKY page on Amazon.